International defense contractor company - MTS

About MTS International

MTS International is the trusted and reliable partner in the defense industry supplies. Weather providing military hardware, aerospace technologies, boats, industrial or medical equipment, the core value of our business is to provide turnkey solutions an fulfill the customer requirements.

Due to our extensive network of manufacturers and business partners around the world, we have a wide portfolio, allowing us to position the company as a prime contractor and integrator in complex projects and tenders.

The company has secured licenses for trade, export and brokerage of military and defense industry related products and related services and includes the possibility of deliveries to more than 90 countries on all continents.

Currently, the company is authorized to trade with a wide range of industrial, medical, and military equipment; including, but not limited to weapons, large-caliber weapons, ammunition, bombs, missiles, tank equipment, ships and boats, aircraft and helicopters and spare parts for this equipment.

The licenses for conducting a foreign trade with military equipment and double-use products, were issued by the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Defense in coordination with all other relevant authorities. The licenses are re-issued by a government committee, on an annual basis, assuring high levels of operational quality, authorities control and full compliance with the related local and international legislations.