Air-to-air missiles

A missile fired from an aircraft for the purpose of destroying another aircraft is called air-to-air missile (AAM). Based on their range and advanced features they have different capabilities to go after specific thread sets. The ones designed to engage opposing aircraft “within visual range” (30 km) are short-range missiles, and most of them use infrared guidance and are called “heat-seeking missiles“. Those air-to-air missiles are designed to optimize their agility rather than range.

Range, of course is an important factor in air-to-air combat. Medium and long range missiles fall under the category of beyond visual range missiles, and they tend to rely upon radar guidance. Some modern air-to-air missiles use “mid-course updates” and /or internal guidance to get the missile close enough to the target in order to use an active homing sensor.

MSI Integrational offers a variety of choices of short, medium and long range air-to-air missiles, including ones with an improved lethality warheads, in a smaller package, creating a space for additional rocket fuel and extended range. We provide and deliver smaller, faster, smarter, next-generation, hit-to-kill air-to-air missiles to dominate the sky.

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