All-terrain vehicles

All-terrain military vehicles should be prepared for anything, as you never know what weather or terrain lies ahead. Sometimes the vehicle or the tires need to work from one extreme to another.

MTS International can offer different types of all-terrain vehicles, ranging from individual ATV providing all-terrain mobility to deployed special operation forces to 2 or 4-wheel axes open-top or bulletproof vehicles capable of carrying up to 9 soldiers and their equipment.

ATVs are extremely flexible and internally transportable within rotary wing assets, and they allow fully combat-equipped SOF operators to move around the battlefield rapidly in terrain not easily navigated by larger, heavier vehicles.

Specialized vehicles need special military-grade all-terrain tires for their missions. That is why we offer all-terrain tires line, especially developed and customized for military application. These tires will give you the best possible performance on any terrain, any weather conditions, any time of the year.

Should you need the best possible performance in extreme conditions, please contact us at , let us know what your needs are and we will come back with an offer.

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