Anti-drone systems

Anti-drone systems are sophisticated systems specifically designed to detect and neutralize unwanted drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). large public spaces such as airports, stadiums, national events, nuclear power plants, critical infrastructure, military installations and battlefields against evolving drone threats.

As drone technology continues to evolve, creating newer and more substantial threats such as pre-programmed drones and drone swarms, versatility is key. Our modular, multi-layered anti-drone system and counter-measures delivers comprehensive solutions for contemporary armies, law enforcement agencies, governments and municipalities to anticipate and rapidly respond effectively to unlawful drone incursions.

MTS International is exclusive distributor to the seventh generation anti-drone system ADAS-07 (AS-07), designed and engineered according to MIL810F NATO Standard. AS-07 is fully autonomous system, and requires no supervision by operator. An automatic protection system ensures flawless operation. The anti-drone system can enhance the current air-defense systems for a hard kill with kinetic impact or surface-to-air missiles.

The security of the servicing personnel is assured according to BDS14525-90 and BDS17137-90 standards, SAR EU Standard and STANAG2345 NATO Standard.

The Anti-drone Defender Autonomy System 07 (ADAS-07) is equipped by an anti-drone solid-state radar, operating in X-band, large radar display area, dedicated GPS map aerial imagery and Doppler target evaluation. It has a minimum of 8 wide-band jammers and cover frequency range of 432-436Mhz, 900-1170 MHz, 1171-1380MHz, 1570-1620MHz, WiFi 24+2,5GHz, 5-54Ghz, 5,4-5,875GHz, GNSS 1,56-1,61GHz (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU-China, IRNSS NAVIC-India and QZSS Japan navigation systems. Jammer frequency full density from 2 MHz to 6000MHz is optional.

The radar can be rapidly deployed and operated as portable unit, stationary fixed or mounted on a vehicle. The radar automatically detects moving targets at up to 28 km distance. The anti-drone system and radar operate during the day and night with high reliability, even when exposed to harsh weather and environment conditions. The radar AR-28 can be combined with electro-optic unit (TVAR) and Command and Control system (C2) to provide multi-sensor surveillance capabilities.

Radar weight is 32 kg. Power supply 12/24VDC, Radar unit dimensions 35W x 35H x 15D cm. Tripod effective height 120 cm. Operational temperature -20°C to +50°C; storage temperature -40°C to +70°C; Wireless capabilities: yes; Map displays and overlays: yes; data logging and reply: yes. Freespace detection range: Pla-10-6, Pd-90%, Moving target:

  • 4 m2 – 28 km
  • 1 m2 – 20 km
  • 0,5 m2 – 16 km
  • 0,1 m2 – 11 km
  • 0,01 m2 – 6 km

If you are interested in our anti-drone systems and solutions, please send us an email at: so we can give you a quote. Despite it’s military purpose, the base ADAS-07 system with jammers, is available for municipalities and private organizations.

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