Air defense

Air defense systems

Air-defense - anti-aircraft systems

The ever-changing threat landscape across military domains means that armed forces need to stand ready to protect and defend, often at short notice, to be ready for anything. An advanced Air & Missile Defense System should be able to face any threat, in any mission and in any battle condition and …

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Military radars

Military radars - mobile military radar for air defense

Radars have a wide range application in a number of industries and day-to-day activities. They are the back bone of the backbone of the air traffic control at any airport; they are being used in civil activities for weather forecasting or fire-control, but their best application is in the military …

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Anti-drone systems


Anti-drone systems are sophisticated systems specifically designed to detect and neutralize unwanted drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). large public spaces such as airports, stadiums, national events, nuclear power plants, critical infrastructure, military installations and battlefields against evolving drone threats. As drone technology continues to evolve, creating newer and more substantial threats …

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Surface-to-air missiles

A surface-to-air missile (SAM), is a missile designed to be launched from the ground to destroy aircraft or other missiles. They are also known as a ground-to-air missile (GTAM) or surface-to-air guided weapon (SAGW). In all modern armed forces, the SAM missiles have replaced most other forms of dedicated anti-aircraft weapons. Short-range missiles are usually mounted on trucks or light …

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