Armored personnel carriers

BTR - Armored personnel carrier

Armored personnel carriers are used for transporting infantry into battle. Some of them are almost as heavy as tanks and some have amphibian capabilities, allowing them to practically go everywhere – trough forests, lakes, rough terrains, etc. The modern armies are replacing the cargo trucks with these armored vehicles, as this …

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Military cargo trucks

Main roles of military trucks are to carry soldiers and supplies, to tows trailers and sometimes to be used as light artillery tractors. There is a variety of wheelbases, engine capacities and outputs, load area dimensions and many other variables to ensure that the military cargo truck can meet any …

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All-terrain vehicles

All-terrain military vehicles

All-terrain military vehicles should be prepared for anything, as you never know what weather or terrain lies ahead. Sometimes the vehicle or the tires need to work from one extreme to another. MTS International can offer different types of all-terrain vehicles, ranging from individual ATV providing all-terrain mobility to deployed …

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Cargo airplanes

Cargo airplane - military transportation aircrafts

Military cargo airplanes commonly perform tactical and strategic airlift missions, transporting troops and cargo throughout the world or close to a battle area; additional roles include medical evacuation and airdrop duties. Some cargo airplanes called tankers can refuel in the air any fixed-wing receiver capable aircraft during their mission.  If you are interested in purchasing a military …

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