Machine guns

The machine guns are designed to be used as infantry support weapons and generally used when attached to a bipod or tripod, on a fixed mount for stability against recoils or on a heavy weapons platform on a vehicle. Firing several hundred bullets per minute, the machine-guns are devastating weapons, when used against enemy troops on open ground. This makes it the dominant battlefield weapon and a must-have item in any army armament.

MTS International handpicked some of the best machine gun models, manufactured by the industry leaders – well-known brands in the field of defense. We strive to offer a variety of options: different calibers, operated by one, two or more troops, different sizes and technological approaches. But the common areas for all of them is the reliability, durability, the operator safety and the excellent quality-to-price ratio.

Every mission, every project, every terrain have their own challenges and specific requirements. We can respond properly to any armament need. Even if there is a specific need that cannot be found in our catalogue, by using our extensive partners network, we can allocate the proper products and deliver almost everything in a timely manner.

As our company slogan states: “We sell what you buy”. If you are interested in purchasing machine guns, ammunitions or any other armament for your army structures, please send an inquiry to

Please note, that we only work with governments, state authorities and companies possessing valid licenses, allowing them to trade internationally with defense related products.

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