Remote controlled vehicles for mechanical demining

In an effort against landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) the armies and governments are constantly striving to improve the safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of clearance methods. Compared to the manual demining, the mechanical demining equipment performs the tasks of demining, faster, safer and more efficiently.

In addition to the ability of machines to clear land faster than manual methods, they also offer new approaches to humanitarian demining that can reduce the total amount of land requiring full clearance and dramatically reduce human casualties and injuries.

Mechanical demining equipment and remote controlled machines offered by MTS International, assists manual demining activities in challenging  areas and terrain particularly where full excavation techniques are required. These types of specialized equipment help in clearing the problematic areas of landmines and UXO.

There are various specialized demining machinery options available from MTS International to help resolve the specific problems at hand. Please, contact us at: and let’s discuss your specific needs and we will offer a solution.

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