Military radars

Radars have a wide range application in a number of industries and day-to-day activities. They are the back bone of the backbone of the air traffic control at any airport; they are being used in civil activities for weather forecasting or fire-control, but their best application is in the military sector.

The military radars applications include surveillance‐based radar systems such as ground and area surveillance radars, air surveillance radar and ground penetration radar and tracking based radar systems such as weapon locating radar, ballistic missile defense radar, mortar or shell‐tracking radar and so on. 

MTS International offers ultra‐lightweight and compact radars designed and particularly suited for detection and tracking of potential threats before they are on the fence line in a perimeter surveillance. Trough our partners network we can offer and deliver long range and medium range radars with ability to simultaneously detect ultra-low to high altitude targets while performing its normal surveillance mission. Our radar systems specialize in early warning, situational awareness, tactical ballistic missile surveillance, and defense. They can operate in all environments, are available in highly mobile configurations, and are deployed worldwide.

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