Rockets & grenades

Rocket-launchers are extremely cost-effective and efficient weapon against all types of heavy and light armored vehicles, fortifications and enemy manpower. They use projectiles called rockets, and sometimes referred to as grenades. Just like the artillery and tank shells, the rockets contain explosive part which explodes at impact with the target.

By it’s use we can differentiate various types of rockets: thermobaric or ant-tank grenades for use against hostile armored vehicles, mechanized troops and manpower in field-type and urban-type shelters; fragmentation grenades used against enemy personnel in the open, in trenches, light-field type shelters, stone, or brick structures or against enemy light armored/unarmored vehicles; Some rockets can be fired upon hostile aircrafts.

Some rocket launchers, such as RPG-7V2 are compatible with various rockets and rounds which considerably augment combat and tactical capabilities of infantry. The operator can select the set of ammunition depending on the task, target and environment.

We can supply different types of rockets and grenades for almost any rocket-launcher or mortar. Please send your inquiry to and we will get back to you with a quote and an offer.

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