Small & high caliber bullets

Ammunition comes in a great range of sizes and types and is often designed to work only in specific guns, riffles or other weapons systems. However, there are internationally recognized standards for certain ammunition types (e.g., 5.56×45mm NATO) that enable their use across different weapons and by different users. This increases the compatibility between allied armies and eases the supplies.

There are also specific types of ammunition that are designed to have a specialized effect on a target, such as armor-piercing shells and tracer ammunition, used only in certain circumstances. Ammunition is commonly labeled or colored in a specific manner to assist in the identification and to prevent the wrong ammunition types from being used accidentally or inappropriately.

At MTS International we can deliver all types of small arms bullets (standard or specific) in variety of small and mid-size calibers: .380, 9×18, 9×19, .38 Special, .40 S&W, .45ACP, .44 Special, .44Mga, .45 Long Colt, 7,62×39, 5,56×49, 7,62×51, .12 ga, .50BMG, .50DTC, .50 Ball M2, .50 BAT, etc. We can also supply rubber bullets and tracing bullets.

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