Sniper riffles

With its powerful scope and long barrel, the sniper rifle is one of the most recognizable weapons in an army’s arsenal. Sniper rifles allow specialist soldiers to hit intended targets from long distances and can be used to take down enemies, destroy sensitive equipment, and carry out controlled detonations of explosives.

The military sniper rifles are built to offer extreme precision and are durable, reliable, and easily repairable in adverse conditions. Today’s sniper rifles are manual bolt-action or semi-automatic and make use of an open aperture or telescopic sight for extreme accuracy.

MTS International offers a variety of sniper riffles, optic sights, and telescopic sights for sniper riffles. We can also deliver sniper camouflage, allowing the marksman to blend with the surroundings, while patiently waiting for the target to reveal. Here price has no role, precision, accuracy and ease of service are the key components, that define the models we are selling.

We can order and deliver any other sniper riffle of your choice. If the model you want is not in the catalogue, please do not hesitate to send us an inquiry with the exact model and the number of items you want to purchase, and we will get back to you with a price and delivery timeframes.

Send your inquiries to and please, note that we only work with state authorities, ministries, governments and military trading companies, that are in possession of a valid license, allowing them to obtain, trade, transport or use defense related products.

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